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A Guide For Parents To Off Campus Housing Near USF

As a parent, you want to make sure your student lives in the best possible housing. We are here to help! Our luxury apartments near University of South Florida have reasonable installment payment prices, and features designed to support your student. Furnished rooms ensure the comfort of home, while on-site community amenities enable your student to be active and social. Learn the answers to the questions parents most frequently ask about The Standard at Tampa.

Multiple, Furnished Floor Plans

Our student housing community offers one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom apartments in Tampa, FL. Installment payment prices remain affordable for all floor plans because we offer individual housing contracts on bedrooms. Our furnished apartments near USF combine internet, cable, and other utilities in the installment payments. Bedrooms are individually keyed for security and privacy.

On-Site Security

The security and well-being of students is our top priority at The Standard at Tampa. We employ on-site security personnel to monitor the property, and each apartment is outfitted with electronic locks on the front and bedroom doors.

Housing Contract Agreements

Our housing contract agreements are 12 months long and run from August to July. We designed our contract terms to match the USF school year, so your student is able to move in right before the fall semester begins.

Upscale Amenities

We offer many upscale student living amenities that are unique to our University of South Florida off campus housing. Rooftop amenities, which include a pool and fitness center, allow your student to relax or work out while gazing upon the Tampa skyline. On the ground level, we have private courtyards and a computer/study room to help residents focus on school work.

Roommate Matching

We use roommate-matching services that compare the interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences provided by incoming residents to pair compatible individuals who are likely to get along together.

Customized Furniture Packages

Our USF off campus housing community offers students every comfort of home with stunning apartment features. With beds, dressers, couches, a TV, and a dining set, our furniture packages have every piece your student requires. Here, students can find features to help them succeed, including study rooms, meeting rooms, computer lounge, academic lounge, and bus transportation to the USF campus. Student residents can study solo or work in groups without having to visit the on-campus library.

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